Throughout the day, all of us swivel in a lot of different emotions. We constantly
keep shifting from one emotion to the other subconsciously without being aware.
These oscillate in our hearts and minds like a pendulum the entire day and we
recognize these as mood swings. From feeling lonely, being angry, feeling sudden
joy, feeling frustrated, feeling completely lonely and lost, this list goes on and on.
Even though there are a lot of scientific reasons for mood swings like irregular
levels of neurotransmitters and hormonal imbalance, the significant cause for
mood swings is the failure to manage stress in everyday life.

When a mind is stressed, it goes on independent emotional rides that can further
hamper our efficiency and damage our capacity to understand what we are feeling.
A mind that is composed and calm tends to experience the exact opposite, has
enhanced focus increased confidence and with better ability to manage situations,
and remains devoid of emotional imbalance.

Regularly practicing yoga can provide mental and physical health benefits
Yoga is a fantastic approach to maintaining mental and physical wellness. It helps
you focus on the natural tendency of your body towards self-healing and health.
Yoga can help you in building harmony, awareness, and strength, both the body
and mind. Even though there are more than a staggering 100 different schools, and
types of yoga, most of these sessions generally include assuming postures,

meditation, and breathing exercises, (sometimes known as poses or asanas) that
flex and stretch a lot of different muscle groups.
Yoga is well known and used in preventive practices and medicine, and also in
helping the body heal itself. Yoga is an excellent tool in helping you stay healthy
and it is also used for similar principles in preventative medicines. Yoga can help
in focusing on examining your environment, lifestyle and helps you in preventing
any negative impacts on your health, instead of just managing your symptoms.
How to get started with yoga

Since there are a lot of different types of yoga practices, anyone can start with yoga
at a pace that they find comfortable. Whether you are a professional athlete or a
couch potato, your fitness level and size do not matter in yoga because there are
alterations available for each yoga pose and class in all styles. The idea of starting
yoga is to explore your limits, instead of striving for remarkable perfection. Yoga
is an excellent way to get in touch with your inner self and your body.

Physical benefits
The relaxation techniques practiced in yoga can decrease and manage chronic pain,
such as carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, arthritis, and lower back pain. Yoga
can even help you in lowering your blood pressure and in reducing insomnia.
There are a lot of different physical benefits of yoga such as:
● enhanced flexibility
● improved muscle tone and strength
● improved vitality, energy, and respiration
● managing a balanced metabolism
● focus on weight reduction

● circulatory and cardio health
● elevated athletic performance
● protect yourself against injury

Mental benefits
Apart from just physical benefits, yoga can help you in managing stress which is
known to have overwhelming effects on the mind and body. Lowering the stress
level can even help in solving other issues such as an inability to concentrate, drug
abuse, headaches, sleeping problems, neck or back pain. Yoga can prove to be
extremely effective in helping you develop coping skills and in helping you reach a
very positive outlook on your entire life. Once you lower your stress levels and are
in touch with your inner self, your emotions will feel balanced.

Recent studies reveal that meditation, pranayama, and particularly yoga, can
reduce stress and calm the mind, which are the main factors in worsening mood
swings. Studies further show that practicing yoga and meditation regularly can
increase the grey matter in the brain that is related to emotional

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