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Every asan has its own importance and if done in right way with correct breathing will remove many diseases. In short Yog Asan-Prananayama-Shatkarm Kriyayen are the one-stop solution of all problems including Backpain, Migrane, Weak eyes, Cervical, Spondolitis, Frojen shoulders, Tennis Elbow, Knees Pain, PCOD-CYST, Prostrate, Height Issue, Gastric issues, Stamina, Focus, Memory, Concentration, And many more.

Dhyan Yoga Kendra owner, Subhav Sharma, has introduced an innovative form of yoga that has quickly gained popularity. This new practice involves the use of aerial silk hammocks to perform various yoga poses and techniques. Known as aerial yoga, it offers a unique and challenging experience for those seeking to change up their yoga routine. Additionally, Sharma has incorporated wall yoga and aerial meditation to further enhance the practice. 

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