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Dhyan Yoga Kendra owner, Subhav Sharma, has introduced an innovative form of yoga that has quickly gained popularity. This new practice involves the use of aerial silk hammocks to perform various yoga poses and techniques. Known as aerial yoga, it offers a unique and challenging experience for those seeking to change up their yoga routine. Additionally, Sharma has incorporated wall yoga and aerial meditation to further enhance the practice. With its growing popularity, it seems that Dhyan Yoga Kendra is at the forefront of this new trend.

Trekking is an activity that can bring immense benefits, physically and mentally. It allows us to reconnect with nature, challenge ourselves and push our limits. At Dhyan Yoga Kendra, we conduct regular trekking with many groups it is important for strengthening our mind, body, and soul. By spending time in nature, we become more aware of our surroundings and learn to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Additionally, trekking can improve our physical health by increasing our stamina, improving our cardiovascular system, and strengthening our muscles. So, grab your hiking boots and join us on our next trekking adventure!

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The 6 Shatkarmas or Cleansing Techniques and Their Benefits

What are Cleansing Techniques?


Cleansing Techniques are ancient Indian practices given by Rishi-Munis for cleansing and purification purposes of our body. The main aims of these techniques are to purify various parts of the body and sensory organs. The 6 Shatkarmas or the cleansing techniques fall under the Ha-Tha form of yoga that focuses on the mind and body purification.

6 Shatakarmas and their Benefits

The Shatakarma can be divided into “Shata” meaning six and “Karma” which means action. The six shatakarma include the neti, the cleansing of the nasal passage, dhouti, which involves the cleansing of the alimentary canal, nauli, which involved making abdominal organs strong, basti, which is the cleansing of the large intestine, kapalbhati, frontal area cleansing, and the tratak, which is the cleansing of the mind. You can get a full experience of full body and mind cleansing at the Dhyan Yoga Kendra – Right Way of doing yoga®.

      • The Neti technique or Cleansing of the nasal passage:

      • One of the major benefits of this technique is that it helps abate migraine attacks and the sinus.

      • It also helps to cure sore throat, clear eye duct and improve vision, help with tonsil and dry cough.

        • The Dhouti technique or Cleansing of the alimentary canal: 

    Helps with all kinds of alimentary problems. There are four types of dhouti techniques that include danta dhouti, hrid dhouti, moola dhouti, and antar dhouti. Dhouti has these benefits to the practitioner:

        • This technique helps to clean the digestive tract help to eliminate accumulated bolus.

        • This technique improves the frontal brain efficiency and also increases the working and efficiency of the respiratory system.

        • The danta mula dhauti helps to prevent rooting of the teeth and ensures life long teeth.

        • The antar dhouti works to improve the upper stomach and intestine. It involves the cleansing of the digestive tract and navel area.

        • The hrid dhouti works to cleanse the throat area and the heart.

        • The moola dhuti helps to cure leprosy, asthma, cough, etc.

          • The Nauli technique or Cleansing of Abdominal Organs:

    The nauli technique focused on the abdominal area of the body and its associated organs. These are the advantages of Nauli:

          • This technique massages the abdominal muscles and increases the strength of the intestine and lower abdomen.

          • This cleansing helps to stimulate and regulate the entire digestive system thus ensuring that it remains healthy.

          • It helps to prevent diseases associated with the abdominal organs like skin disease, headache, and sometimes even cancer.

          • The Basti technique or Cleansing of the Large Intestine:

    Basti is considered one of the most effective cleansing techniques because of its immense benefits.

          • It helps to cure eating and digestive disorders.

          • The Basti technique helps to cure diseases related to the urinary system, windpipe, and also constipation-related problems.

          • Furthermore, this technique also helps to ensure that you have a good and healthy physique.


          • The Kapalbhati technique or Cleansing of the Frontal area:

    The Kapalbhati technique is one of the most famous and ancient techniques that has been used over generations. The Kapalbhati has these benefits:

          • This technique helps to relax and massage the brain thus reducing stress twofold.

          • It also helps to prevent hair fall and ensures new hair growth.

          • Furthermore, this technique helps to cure the digestive system, respiratory problems like asthma, and lung diseases.

          • This technique also works on the forehead area of the individual and helps to reduce occurrences of headaches.

          • The Tratak technique or Cleansing of the Mind and Concentration development:

    The tratak technique is mostly concerned with mental problems. This technique is known to work on concentration and the mind of the individual practicing it. The tratak cleansing has these advantages:

        • This technique helps to sharpen eyesight, reduce mental stress and insomnia-related problems.

        • The tratak reduces migraine, helps reduce negative thoughts, and also helps to improve concentration.

        • Additionally, this technique helps increase the functionality of the brain and reduce anger problems.


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