When the whole world is badly suffering from Corona Virus pandemic disease; When, the death rate is multiplying in developed countries like America, Italy, Spain, etc its a moral responsibility on the team of ‘Dhyan Yoga Kendra‘ to spread right knowledge of Yoga and yogic activities recommended for Immune system boost-up and prevention against pandemic COVID-19.

Online Yoga

Accordingly, the team of ‘Dhyan Yoga Kendra-right way of doing Yoga‘ will teach/ still teaching on fast pace all world-wide :

Yogasan– helps you to increase the immunity power of body

Watch this to know, what happens when you get infected by Corona Virus:

Shatkarm Kriya- Jal Neti (for cleaning Nasal- Nose), Sutra Neti – Cleansing of throat , Jal-kapal , Kunjal kriya etc..

Pranayama – all 8 types which relax the mind and makes lungs strong much necessary in this pandemic disease

Meditation- Pan India lockdown  creates un-easyness among all, the best way for growing personality (physically- mentally- emotionally) is doing ध्यान  (मैडिटेशन).

Diet : Plays 70 % role in fitness,  must know right way of choosing food, chewing food, intaking liquid diet, agewise-timewise- weatherwise.


Yog Online Class

Be healthy- Stay at your Home

Grow your skills with help of Dhyan Yoga Kendra group.

Read, will corona change the world?

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