Don’t miss the chance to invest in this industry

Dhyan Yoga Kendra Group- Right way of doing Yoga -TM, invites investors to invest in fitness industry – the yoga and Yogic activities.

Advantage/ profit on investment:-
100% within six months with minimum investment starting from 50,000/- only depending upon situation.

Any loss in Investment? No loss at all Why?
Because according to the latest report of India Today and leading news papers:

According to media reports, the estimated value of yoga industry globally is at around $80 billion. In India, the value of wellness industry has crossed Rs 85,000 crore. Yoga industry in the US is expected to become a $11.5 billion industry by 2020.Jun 20, 2018

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Investment ways:-

1. Take franchisee from Rajasthan’s best Yoga center ‘Dhyan Yoga Kendra Group- Right way of doing Yoga’with 100% backend-front end support.

2. Do not have space and Ideas to earn but have money – trust us we care your money and make ROI (Return on Investment) in minimum time say after six months only, with Break Even Point (BEP)- no profit no loss already achieved.

Yoga demand is increasing day by day and it will now only increase, so its the best time and noble work to invest in this industry with strong ideas of ‘Dhyan Yoga Kendra Group- Right way of doing Yoga’

For any discussion feel free to contact us, we will bemore than happy to assist you in right direction.

Wish you all Happy Prosperous New Year 2019.

Subhav Sharma
Dhyan Yoga Kendra Group- Right way of Doing Yoga, TM
9799097860, 7014289144

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